How to Write a College Application Essay

An essay is a very important part of an application to the majority of the USA colleges and universities and often the hardest. Writing the application essay is the first and important stage of your admission to college. It should be approached responsibly because the admissions committee will base their judgment why you should study at that specific institution on this essay. The success of entering that college or university depends on the quality of the written application essay. The task of this work is to convince the admissions office that you will bring something valuable to their school.

An energetic and concise essay will catch their attention and is more likely to be approved. Only about 15% of all essays immediately go into the "accept" folder. The bulk of the essays (about 75%) are reviewed again. The main questions that the admissions committee members ask when reading an essay are: Will this candidate successfully complete the school? What potential can this candidate bring to the work of the team (class)? What does the considered candidate look like compared to other applicants? Positive answers to these questions will ensure admission success, so it is important to write a good essay.

In free form, you should tell about yourself and your life and professional priorities and goals. The admissions committee is interested in the range of your interests, your plans for the future education and profession. It should be kept in mind that members of the admissions committee read over 100 different essays a day. How to write a college essay that will stand out from the others and immediately draw the attention of the committee? Aside from getting a professional help to ensure that your essay presents you in the best possible way, here are 15 tips to assist you during writing:

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  • Strictly follow the college application essay prompts. Carefully read the requirements of the university to which you want to enroll. It is necessary to clearly understand what needs to be told in response to the prompt. To do this, it is best to write a detailed plan and follow it in the process of working on the application essay.
  • How long should a college essay be? There is usually no length requirement. It is recommended for the essay to be about 250 to 650 words in length. Nonetheless, check out the official websites of educational institutions for requirements because some educational institutions put forward their requirements for the scope and content of the essay.
  • Quality over quantity. Aim for clarity and conciseness. The desire to tell everything at once can create an impression of you as a superficial person. You should not painstakingly list all the events of your life step by step (“At first I was there, then I did this, then I found out this and that”).
  • Structure the text. The essay is designed to demonstrate your ability to clearly, logically and coherently express thoughts, ideas, reflections. You can try to break the text into small paragraphs, it helps to highlight the most important ideas.
  • The applicant's motivation to study in this particular school should also be reflected in a well-written essay. In this case, you can give an example of successful graduates of the school and formulate your expected development related to enrollment.
  • Avoid overly complex phrases and words that you rarely use in a conversation, an abundance of professional terminology, slang or cliché that hamper the understanding of thoughts. The text should be professional and discreet, but still giving an idea of ​​your individual style.
  • The basis of the essay is honesty. Representatives of the admissions committee are highly qualified specialists who can perfectly distinguish the truth from the exaggeration of reality (what so many applicants try to do).
  • Do not be afraid to demonstrate non-standard thinking, but try to support your point of view with arguments.
  • Each essay is a unique work. It is better to not even try to pass someone's essay for your own, even rewritten in your own language.
  • Focus on your strengths. Thanks to your essay, the admissions committee should see you as their future student. Your good qualities and strengths are not just an experience that you have gained with age. Your qualities are what you have learned and understood from the past. By showing this, you will significantly increase your chances of admission.
  • Do not be afraid to show your weaknesses. If your learning achievements have weak points, tell about them in the essay. Write why it happened and what you learned from this experience. Failures are also strengths if the right conclusions are drawn from the experience.
  • Tell about your talents and skills in your essay. What you consider your hobby may be a good reason for the admissions committee to choose you.
  • Typos and grammatical errors can quickly cross out the efforts of writing even the most brilliant essay. There are many services for checking the spelling on the Internet, and you can find a lot of errors on your own by simply rereading out loud what you have written.
  • The ending of your essay is the last thing that will be read and this is especially important. How to end the college essay to leave the committee impressed and wanting to know more about you? Do not summarize your essay, but instead say that you are excited to study there, something else optimistic, ending on a positive note and leaving a person feeling good.
  • eview the essay again. Reading the text, try to answer a few questions (as if you were a member of the admissions committee): “Is it interesting to read this work?”, “Does the text correspond to the stated topic?”, “Are the stated facts and thoughts confirmed with significant examples?”, “Are the author’s identity and point of view expressed in the essay?”, “What can be said about the person who wrote this essay?”. If you are satisfied with the answers to these questions, then most likely the essay will be successful. It would also be
College Application Essay Prompts